Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane

I came across this interesting new project recently up in 'Request for Registration' section of UNFCCC website. This is first project based on ACM0008 (as far as i checked and my knowledge goes).

The Project is based at coal mines name Haizi and Luling in Eastern province of China. The project involves utilization of coal bed methane for power generation to be used captively. What amazed me was that china has been delivering such high volume projects since time immemorial (considering CDM era). I think, since India has also large reserves of coal, we might see such high volume projects in near future. Salient features about the project are:

Capturing coal bed methane for power generation and waste heat recovery.
Annual electricity production of 99,000 MWh from project activity.
Average ~3 lac CERs per annumn. (That's what you call a solid project !!!)
An elaborate jugglery of alternatives for methane and power generation, all in all complex PDD.
Investment analysis with IRR changing from 5.8% to 21% with CDM benefits. (nice jump)
A nice sensitivity analysis follows this.
So if you have any thing similar in mind, start with it. You will be doing a lot of good to mankind and your pocket. Lets see how soon we see one from India and other places as well.

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